Brick Cleaning Precautions London

Some Things To Consider Before Beginning Brick Restoration

Brick and stone restoration can be a major undertaking, with the potential to cause disruption to the occupants of your property as well as the neighbours. At London Brick Cleaning, our experienced technicians take Brick Cleaning Precautions to avoid or minimise damage and disruption, but it is not always possible to completely eliminate the nuisance factor. If you’re concerned about any or all of the points discussed on this page, please don’t hesitate to call us on 0203 633 1445.

10 Things You Need To Know about Brick Cleaning Precautions to take in London.

  1. Before undertaking the work, you should discuss the procedure with your neighbours to sort out in advance any issues which may affect them or their property.
  2. In order to carry out our work, scaffolding will have to be erected, and this of course can be used for any other redecoration or improvement work that may be required. Timber battens may need to be fixed to the edge of the building, possibly on the neighbour’s side, and this may leave holes which you’ll need to have filled.
  3. If the restoration work involves paint removal, then the use of paint strippers can affect paintwork on areas other than the walls, such as windows and doors. Brick and stone restoration is often carried out as part of a larger property improvement project, so this might not always be a problem. However it is likely that redecoration of doors and windows will be required. Paint in neighbouring properties may also be affected and require redecoration, and this needs to be taken into account as well.
  4. Cleaning of brick and stonework will result in dirt running off on to areas like windowsills, so even if paint strippers are not used, these places may also benefit from a coat of paint after the walls have been restored.
  5. Pointing between the brickwork may be removed during the restoration process, and patch pointing may be needed to make good the defect. Under some circumstances repointing of the entire wall surface may be considered appropriate to improve the appearance of the building.
  6. The restoration process may involve spraying water at the walls at angles which would not be normal with rain, and there is the possibility of water getting inside the building, so curtains, blinds, carpets and furniture should be moved away from the walls for the duration of the cleaning.
  7. If you have delicate or valuable plants below or close to the area being treated, you should consider moving them. If there is a path whose surface might be affected by the chemicals used in the restoration work, this should be covered.
  8. Fixtures like alarm boxes, cables and entry phones should be removed prior to cleaning. If this is not possible, we’ll cover them with protective plastic, but we will not be able to guarantee complete safety from water damage.
  9. Before to undertaking restoration work we will of course carry out a thorough inspection and advise you of the precautions you should take, and the potential for any damage that may occur.
  10. Our specialist technicians and craftsmen can help with most of the repair and redecoration tasks which may arise from the brick or stone cleaning process. If you’d like to order these as optional extras, please call us on 0203 633 1445.