You’ve made your enquiry for brick cleaning, paint stripping, graffiti removal or brick restoration. That’s a great first step. But what happens next?

The majority of our jobs are carried out in an efficient, 4-step process:

  • Inspection

The first thing we’ll do is send one of our surveyors to inspect your property, just so we’ve got a clear idea of the scale of the job. We’ll write our findings up and send them to you in a logical, easy-to-read report. All prices will be itemised and tasks broken down into their constituent parts, so you know in advance exactly what you’re paying for.

  • Scheduling

Once you’ve given us the formal go-ahead, we’ll negotiate a date to begin work. Depending on the complexity of the job in hand and our availability, we may need to be flexible about timescales.

  • Preparation

On the day itself, our experienced technicians will arrive at your property and unload all of the equipment needed to carry out the procedure. We’ll protect your windowpanes with plastic sheeting stapled carefully to the window frames, and tape down the edges. Finally, we’ll affix wooden battens to your brickwork and arrange tarpaulins in a kind of tent to keep any dirt or spray contained. Sometimes—depending on the architecture of the property–we’ll decide to set up a canopy over the doorway.

  • Work

After these prolonged but necessary preparations, we’ll start cleaning your brickwork. If we find any areas of dirt or paint which don’t respond to our cleaning solutions, we may have to abrade them by hand.

What You Can Expect Afterwards

Upon completion, we know you’ll be delighted with your newly restored brickwork, and we’ll be experiencing the kind of satisfaction which only comes with a job well done. Just to make sure that your delight isn’t clouded by unexpected after-effects, here’s some useful advance information. If, after reading this page and our FAQs, you’re still concerned about any aspect of the brick cleaning process, please don’t hesitate to call us on 0203 633 1445.

Window frames

The measures we use to protect your windows can result in lifting of the paintwork when we remove them, and you may notice holes left by the staples.


When we work, we always try to keep dirt and disruption to a minimum (hence our elaborate protective measures). We’ll collect any debris into heavy-duty rubbish bags, and rinse down your paths or access routes when we finish.

Water ingress

If water should penetrate the building during the cleaning process and cause damage, we cannot accept liability.

Repainting, repointing and other remedial work

As a rule these services aren’t included in our brick cleaning packages, but we can add them as optional extras. If you’re interested in our additional services, please let us know when you make your initial enquiry.