Professional Stone Cleaning London

If you’ve chosen stone for your flooring, walls, cladding, patio or worktops, you already appreciate its special beauty and character. As a completely natural material, each piece of stone is unique and exudes a particular charm. This is where stone cleaning comes in!

Stone and brick work is also incredibly hard-wearing, but it does need regular cleaning and periodic refurbishment to keep it in good condition.

You Choose the Extent of Stone Cleaning of your London Property

Our stone cleaning specialists in London can help you keep your granite, sandstone, Portland stone, marble, limestone, slate or terracotta as pristine as the day it was laid.

Alternatively, you may prefer us to leave a certain amount of discolouration in place for that historic look: this is a popular option amongst owners of period properties. Either way, we guarantee to work with you at all times to achieve your desired result.

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A Specialist Job, Professional Stone Cleaning in London

Stone cleaning in London isn’t a job for the DIY enthusiast: it’s the domain of the experienced restorer. When you’ve invested in a costly, non-renewable material like stone, it’s a false economy to try and refurbish it on the cheap. A skilled stone cleaning expert can reverse the effects of daily wear and tear safely and effectively, and help preserve your investment for the future.

London Stone Cleaning Methods

The methods we use to clean your stone depend on the type of stone itself and on the extent and nature of the discolouration. Where possible, water alone or a mixture of water and detergent will be used, as this is the gentlest cleaning solution. For a more complete clean, or to remove heavy soiling, we may also use chemical or physical cleaning methods such as acid washing or superheated steam.

Protecting Your Investment with Stone Cleaning

Because of our commitment to staying abreast of technical developments in the field of stone restoration, we are able to recommend a range of sealants and biocides to protect your stone from dirt and damage. Choose sealants which repel water while still allowing the stone to ‘breathe’, or biocides to inhibit the growth of lichens, mosses and other organisms.

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