Stone Masonry Cleaning & Repairs

The conservation and repair of stonemasonry is one of the most satisfying services we offer at London Brick Cleaning. It’s a painstaking process, but one which helps us both protect historic craftsmanship for the future and present it to its best aesthetic advantage. We realise that the issue of whether to clean or not to clean stonemasonry is a controversial one, but we believe that cleaning – especially using our repertoire of gentle techniques – can often be the best conservation decision you’ll make for stone cleaning.

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To Clean or Not to Clean?

At London Brick Cleaning we’re the first to recognise that too many buildings have been damaged by over-aggressive cleaning. But we believe that cleaning can be an essential step in the conservation of stonemasonry for two important reasons. One, cleaning removes substances (such as acids from atmospheric pollution or even lichens) which degrade the stone over time, and two, the presence of dirt and staining can conceal the presence of cracks and other structural faults.

Stone Cleaning Stonemasonry is not a Superficial Matter

One of the challenges of stonemasonry cleaning—and indeed a compelling reason to go ahead with cleaning—is that soiling doesn’t just occur on the surface. Dirt, living organisms, staining from metal ornaments and pollution often penetrate deeper within the masonry. Another challenge is knowing how much of the soiling to remove: under certain circumstances it can form a protective patina, or may add to the historic feel of the building.

That’s why our cleaning techniques are gentle and incremental, and include methods such as nebulous spray cleaning and superheated steam systems. Because no one method is suitable for all cases, we always custom fit our techniques to your requirements.

Our Masonry Repairs Look Great and Perform Perfectly

When it comes to stonemasonry repair, we realise that any restoration must not only look good, but be functionally well matched to the original. Any new materials introduced as repairs must expand and contract with the existing masonry, and have the same level of porosity. It’s easy to see how repairs which don’t conform to these standards can cause further damage.

London Brick Cleaning’s craftsmen have a deep understanding of materials and extensive experience in carrying out masonry restoration to the highest standards. When we refurbish your stonemasonry we’re safeguarding its beauty and character for many years into the future.

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