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You probably already know that brick pointing refers to the mortar part of bricks and mortar: you can see it between the individual bricks or stone blocks used to build your home. But you may not know that – aside from being a bedding substance for brick or stone – pointing has a crucial role to play in maintaining the structural health of any building. It must perform the apparently contradictory tasks of keeping moisture out of the brickwork, while still permitting drainage and flexibility.

This need for flexibility means that pointing is intentionally the weakest element in your home’s construction, and needs to be restored or replaced at regular intervals.

Brick Pointing Is About Far More than the Appearance of Your Home in London

It’s natural to view pointing in terms of appearance, and indeed having your home repointed can greatly improve the way it looks. This in turn enhances its ‘kerb appeal’, which you’ll want to maximise, especially if you’re about to put your property on the market. At London Brick Cleaning we’re aware of the importance of aesthetics, and our repointing specialists will always undertake to restore the beauty of your home’s original building materials.

But because pointing is about much more than appearances, we’ll take note of important structural considerations, too.

Brick Re-Pointing London It’s An Issue of Structural Integrity

Lime mortar is the original mortar formulation, consisting of lime and an aggregate material (typically sand), all mixed with water. This recipe was widely used in ancient Roman and Greek architecture, and is commonly found in homes built during the Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian eras. So if you have a period home, it was almost certainly constructed with lime mortar.

From the 1920s onwards, houses were increasingly built using cement mortar, a harder, less porous pointing material. This was introduced along with the innovation of the cavity wall. In period properties with solid walls, however, it is absolutely necessary to repoint using the softer lime mortar. Using cement mortar in the wrong context can result in problems with damp and lead to the eventual destruction of your home’s brickwork.

We’ll Always Use the Right Mortar for Your Home’s Construction

Some companies offering brick pointing services lack the expertise to know when to use cement mortar and when to use lime. At London Brick Cleaning, our pointing experts have the knowledge and experience to find the right mortar formulation for your home’s construction.

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