High Quality, Specialist Car Park Cleaning

The car park is often the first part of a building your visitors encounter, and it gives the first impression of your business to customers, employees, and members of the public. Over time car parks accumulate dirt, rubbish, graffiti, oil spills and general wear and tear. When your car park starts to look the worse for wear, turn to London Brick Cleaning: we’re a one stop shop who’ll restore your premises to a suitably pristine condition.

You’ll be amazed by the difference our services make. We love a challenge, so despite the age or condition of your car park, and regardless of how tired and dirty it has become, London Brick Cleaning promise to roll back the years and leave your parking areas looking better than new.

If you’re in Central, South or West London, call us today on 0203 633 1445 for a free, no obligation chat.

Flexible Service, Tailored To Your Needs

Our state of the art cleaning equipment can be used on any type of road surface, including tarmac, brick, block paving and concrete. We use environmentally friendly, high-pressured steam to blast away dirt, grease and grime on the car park as well as surrounding walls, steps, ramps and corners. Our fully portable equipment is suitable for any size of car park, whether a single privately owned space or a large-scale council or commercial multi storey car park. No job is too large or too small for our highly trained team.

Our experts will assess the area and, depending on the types of grease and grime, will select the correct cleaning products to eat through the dirt. Once the surfaces have been cleaned, we’ll re-sand and re-stabilise block paving to ensure it stays firmly anchored in place. Any particularly dark or damp areas can be treated for moss and algae to keep them clean and beautiful for as long as possible.

No Stain Is Too Tough

Nothing gives us more pleasure than getting rid of entrenched dirt. No substance has yet managed to withstand the combination of our pressure washer and industry leading detergents. Typically, clients call us to remove:

  • Oil spills
  • Tyre marks
  • Graffiti
  • Paint
  • Moss and algae
  • Dirt and grime

We’re standing by to help you, too. Whether you just need spot cleaning or a complete car park overhaul, call us today on 0203 633 1445, or fill out our online contact form.