Smoke And Fire Damaged London Properties

Fire is devastating. It destroys London homes, businesses, possessions, memories and valuables. Even the smallest of fires can do untold smoke damage to property. If you’ve suffered from a fire in your workplace or home, you have our heartfelt sympathy. We’d also like to offer our practical help.

At London Brick Cleaning, we specialise in rehabilitating smoke damaged properties located in London. Our aim is to restore your home or business to its original condition.  Where this isn’t possible, we’ll get things back to the best condition we can. We pride ourselves in the quality of our work and the professionalism of our team, which means that we’ll do our utmost to spare you further stress at an already traumatic time.

To find out more about our smoke and fire damage cleaning service in London, call our friendly experts on 0203 633 1445.

Our Specialist Approach In London

The methods we use vary depending on the construction of the building and the extent of the fire and smoke damage. There are different types of smoke and soot damage depending on which materials have burnt, and on how hot the fire was. In a nutshell, though, we use a blast-cleaning medium which is adjusted depending on how harsh or gentle we need to be.

This process is combined with pre-treatments which also vary depending on the porosity of the damaged surfaces. Our experts have cleaned every type of fire damage from many different buildings, and have the know-how to tackle a huge range of surfaces including glass, stone and wood. Cleaning fire and smoke damage is a highly technical discipline, and we’re proud to be masters of it.

A Stress-Free Experience

We know how upsetting and stressful fire damage can be, which is why our fire damage cleaning service is something we take pride in. The difference we make to our customer’s lives is priceless, especially when we succeed in restoring the fire damaged property to perfection. Unfortunately we can’t always promise a perfect result, but we can promise to relieve some of the burden of starting again after a fire.

If you have a fire damaged property in Central, West or South London, call our hardworking and dedicated team on 0203 633 1445, or complete the online contact form.