Brick restoration is all about bringing new life to tired or damaged buildings. At London Brick Cleaning, we specialise in refreshing the beauty and structural integrity of your London property. Our team of experts has the know-how and experience to take remedial steps that blend seamlessly into the building’s original fabric. We also specialise in carrying out renovations which are sympathetic to the structure and appearance of heritage and period brickwork.

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When Do You Need Brick Restoration?

  • To improve the appearance of stained and dirty brickwork and tiles.
  • To remedy structural damage caused by accidents or one-off events.
  • To repair cracks caused by subsidence, a common issue in London.
  • To rectify structures which have shifted, settled or leaned over time.
  • To renovate or extend your property while respecting its original appearance.
  • To set right disturbances caused by leaks, damp or extreme weather.

With Damaged Brickwork, Time Is Of the Essence

If your property suffers from any of the problems mentioned above, you already know that they won’t improve if left alone. However, it’s vital to employ restoration professionals who can take the right action for your home. London Brick Cleaning’s restoration team will work with you at every step to ensure a seamless end result.

The Challenges of Brick Restoration in London

As you can imagine, the primary challenge of brick restoration is aesthetic: how to go about repairing damage in buildings which are often centuries old or built using distinctive bricks or tiles. London’s Victorian buildings in particular are showcases for amazing terracotta or faience tilework, or feature astounding decorative brickwork. Working on the structure of these buildings without also conserving their beauty would be tantamount to vandalism. That’s why we specialise in sourcing hard-to-find bricks and tiles, and in matching replacements to the original materials.

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