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Graffiti has always been with us (just visit the Tower of London for proof), but in this post-Banksy era it’s becoming ever more prevalent. You probably wouldn’t want to hire us to remove a Banksy, but the vast majority of graffiti seen on London’s buildings has little or no artistic merit thus requiring Graffiti Removal. Much of it is just plain ugly and makes the area look bad, but some graffiti – like tags – is associated with crime and social disorder.

Graffiti In London Breeds Graffiti

There are good reasons to have graffiti cleaned away as quickly as possible. Work carried out by criminologists since the 1980s indicates that locations where graffiti is removed promptly suffer a lot less from this kind of vandalism than places where no cleaning is carried out. This tendency is seen so universally that it isn’t overstating the case to say that the presence of graffiti always breeds more graffiti.

Options for Graffiti Removal in London

Local authorities are often keen on painting over graffiti, and indeed this can seem like a quick and cheap solution. But it has significant drawbacks: over time the painted-out areas start to look patchy and with repeated applications the layers of paint tend to peel away easily. Additionally, it’s not a method that suits period buildings or surfaces which aren’t already painted.

We Also Protect Underlying Surfaces

At London Brick Cleaning, we are skilled in the expert use of methods which completely remove graffiti in London without damaging the underlying surface. Our approach is suitable for a wide range of building finishes, from concrete to historic brick and stucco. If your building suffers from persistent graffiti despite regular cleaning, we can also advise on the use of sealants or treatments to protect the most vulnerable surfaces.

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