Brick Cleaning London

Brick cleaning is a specialist job and brick is an incredibly strong, versatile building material. As you already know if you live in a period home, many structures built with brick hundreds of years ago are still going strong. London’s Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian housing stock were all built with brick, and – with a little care and attention – will continue to be delightful homes for many more years to come.

At London Brick Cleaning, our aim is to help you give your brick-built property the care and attention it deserves. Call us on 0203 633 1445 to find out more about our services, and browse our photo gallery of completed projects to get an idea of what we can do for you.

When Do You Need Brick Cleaning London?

  • Just after new brick has been laid, to remove left-over mortar, smears and stains from the bricklaying process after brick restoration.
  • Before painting or staining your brickwork (although you might want to think twice about paint: see this page for more information).
  • When stains from pollutants, dirt and biological organisms are extensive enough to hide the beauty of your brickwork.
  • To get rid of persistent suckers or ‘ivy feet’ after removing climbing plants.

What Does Brick Cleaning Involve?

Our priority is to avoid damaging your brickwork, so the method we choose will be as gentle as possible to achieve the desired result. Where we can, we prefer to use water alone, or a combination of water and a detergent. If stains or deposits are heavy, an acid solution of an appropriate concentration will be applied. This process usually requires several careful repetitions to ensure that the surface of the bricks remains intact, but at the end of it the original finish of your bricks will be revealed in its true glory.

Brick Cleaning. Don’t Do It Yourself – Call The Experts

Brick cleaning may seem like a deceptively simple job, but there’s plenty of scope for things to go wrong. It’s easy for the inexperienced worker to cause damage to the brickwork, which can speed up spalling and create problems with damp. This is especially unfortunate when your property has a long history and boasts original brickwork.

We’ll bring out the beauty in your brickwork without compromising its structural integrity.

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