Brick Repairs London

Our company name is London Brick Cleaning, but don’t be misled: that’s not all we do. We’re also experts in brick repairs, operating throughout Central, West and South London. Our specialist craftsmen have substantial experience of repairing all kinds of brickwork in commercial and domestic settings, so whether you’re a home owner, property developer, local authority or simply looking for the right company to repair unique period brickwork, we’re here to help you.

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Why Rebuild Or Replace When You Can Repair Bricks?

The London climate can be hard on brickwork. Winters are often cold, resulting in the freezing of water trapped within the brick’s porous interior. Whenever a freeze/thaw cycle occurs, so does brick damage. Air pollution also plays a role, gradually eroding the surface of the brickwork so that it eventually begins to look run down and shabby. Problems can even occur with the bricks in newly built properties: substandard or mismatched bricks undermine the architect’s—and residents’—vision for the building.

Of course, the obvious solution to the problem of unsightly or damaged bricks is to rebuild the affected section of the structure and replace them. But this is also daunting in terms of the time and costs involved. Brick repairs is a quicker, more economical solution; we won’t have to labour for hours to carefully remove the damaged bricks, but will usually carry out repairs while the damaged components remain in place. You’ll save money, time, and the stress which inevitably comes with any major building project.

The Brick Repair Process

  • We’ll send an expert to inspect the damaged bricks, just to get an idea of the scope of the job.
  • Next, we’ll clean any dirt, graffiti or overlying paint from the area to be repaired.
  • If the repair is a matter of making mismatched bricks fit in with the overall look and feel of the building, we can either stain small areas individually or apply a coating to larger stretches of brickwork. In this way, we create exactly the right colour and texture.
  • For cracked or broken bricks, we have a filler system which enables us to replace the missing sections. This can even be used where large chunks of brick are missing; we simply build up the damaged area in several careful layers. Finally, we apply the right surface finish to ensure the repaired bricks blend seamlessly with their neighbours.

A Fuss-Free Makeover For Your Property

It’s fair to think of brick repair as a makeover for your property, as opposed to the more radical approach of replacing the damaged bricks. We find that it’s an option which appeals to property owners who can’t accommodate significant disruption, or who want to freshen up the appearance of a period building. Of course this approach isn’t the best solution for every kind of brick damage, but we’d like to make it work for you wherever possible.

For impartial, no-obligation advice on brick repair for your London property, call 0203 633 1445.