Does the brick cleaning process damage the surface of the brickwork?

No, it doesn’t. We’ll examine your brickwork, then carefully apply chemical solutions of the right strength to remove the coating of dirt or paint without damaging what’s underneath. Sometimes the surface of the bricks will have degraded beneath the coating: if this is the case, fragments of brick may be dislodged during the cleaning process.

Will my pointing be damaged by brick cleaning?

Our approach to brick cleaning is designed to be as gentle as possible, so our process itself won’t cause damage to pointing. But once again, any pointing which is already loose or fragmenting before cleaning will probably be dislodged during the procedure. As a rule of thumb, if you can easily pick the pointing out of the grooves between bricks, it will probably be dislodged when we clean. Of course, we also offer repointing services, and this is worth considering if large sections of your pointing seem to be loose.

I’m worried about my painted windowsills. Will they be damaged when I have the paint removed from my brickwork?

In the process of stripping paint from your house, we’ll need to work right up to the windowsills and frames. It’s therefore quite likely that the painted surface of your windowsills will be affected. But any damage caused will be superficial, and can easily be put right by a competent painter and decorator. Our own painters and decorators would be happy to take care of sprucing up your window frames after we’ve finished removing the paint from your brickwork. Just ask about this service when you make your main enquiry.

Who uses London Brick Cleaning’s services?

London Brick Cleaning offers brick and stone cleaning, paint removal, graffiti removal, brick repointing and brick restoration services to a wide variety of clients. Homeowners love us, especially those who are looking to enhance their property’s kerb appeal before putting it up for sale. Owners of heritage or period properties know that with us, enhancing the special look and feel of their historic home is a priority.

Property developers rely on us to help maximise the return on their investment, and many commercial property owners use our services to maintain a pristine professional image. Last but certainly not least, local authorities find we’re a reliable and cost effective option for maintenance and anti-vandal measures. In short, if you’re in Central, South or West London, London Brick Cleaning are here for you.