Paint Removal London

Are you tired of the inevitable grind of repainting your exterior brickwork every three to five years? Would you like to know what your home looked like when it was built? Then call London Brick Cleaning on 0203 633 1445 to find out more about our paint removal service.

What Beauty Lies Beneath Your Painted Brick?

At London Brick Cleaning, we love brick. It’s a fantastic, natural yet durable building material which requires very little upkeep. And its crowning glory is its finish: brick comes in a variety of colours and veneers which are highly decorative in themselves. Painted brickwork very rarely matches the beauty of what lies beneath.

Is Your Painted Brick Causing Damp?

The bottom line is that most bricks were never designed to take paint, so the upkeep of a painted brick surface is inherently difficult. It peels readily, thereby looking tatty quite soon after repainting, and can even be the root of problems with damp. Georgian and Victorian homes especially were designed to have porous walls, and covering your brickwork with paint immediately stops it from ‘breathing’, giving rise to a damp interior.

Removing Paint Is Not An Easy Process

Paradoxically–given its tendency to peel–it is difficult to completely remove paint from brickwork. This is related to the porous nature of the underlying brick. Harsh physical methods such as sanding away the paint residue are a terrible idea, because they will inevitably damage the surface of the brick and lead to other, more complex problems. The only viable option for a good result is expertise and patience (although a certain amount of careful sanding or grinding may be necessary for stubborn areas of paint residue).

Trust Us to Reveal the Glory of Your Underlying Brickwork

London Brick Cleaning’s paint removal experts have removed ugly peeling paint from hundreds of brick-built properties. We respect the craftsmanship of your home’s original builders, and will work slowly and methodically to achieve the result you desire. Once your brickwork has been revealed, you may also want to take advantage of our specialist repointing service.

Call us on 0203 633 1445 to find out how we can help you make your home look its very best. And don’t forget to browse our picture gallery of finished products to see exactly what we can do for you.